4 thoughts on “Friday 7 October

  1. Great 5:30 class this morning! Beth started out almost double-under-less and through her work and practice scored 2 for the workout. That is awesome progress!

    Ben scored 13 for the morning, helping our class total to 40 DUs. We had 6 athletes, so that’s an average of 6.7 DUs per athlete. Think the later classes can beat that?

    After class I did the WOD. I went all out on this one and didn’t game it. This is how it went down 37, 35, 34, 31, 28, 28, 21, 16.

    I plan to repeat it this afternoon and game it to see the difference. I plan to try to hold 30 throughout.

  2. Rx:12
    sounds ridiculous in retrospect, but i honestly thought i could average 20. i completely tensed up and lost my rhythm.

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