6 thoughts on “Sunday 30 October

  1. I agree! One of the best nights ever! Congrats to Katie for winning the WOD competition. David, Jeff, and Daniel gave a great showing as well. Congrats to David for having a score of 295, very impressive. Also congrats to Bill and Zan for winning the costume contest. Really great costumes this year from everyone! Already looking forward to next year!

  2. Great Sunday class! Katie as always awesome working with you:-)
    I think this was my fist Cross First Total II, I’m was pleased.
    110/100/110= 320 Rx

  3. C&J – 225
    Bench – 270 PR by 25lbs
    OHS – 225 PR by 25lbs
    Total – 720

    Good day working with Matt and Dan.

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