Thursday 3 November

Overhead Squat

Attention: Starting Monday November 7th we will continue following programming, but on a one month delay. This will allow us to publish workout details for you in advance, such as the warmup, skill work, and scaled versions of the WOD. We think you’re really going to like how we can structure our classes with more time to plan!

Seven rounds of:
35 Double-unders
1 Snatch

Make one snatch attempt per round.

Rebecca Voigt 8:00/875lbs, Kristan Clever 9:50/444lbs.

Post time and total of all successful snatches to comments. Do not count missed reps.

8 thoughts on “Thursday 3 November

  1. 14:08/575lbs (Silver w/ Power Snatch + OHS @ 75#). Mixed double and single-unders.

  2. Silver (15 DU/Attempts) 11:47/805lbs. I subbed clean and jerk @115# for the snatch on Christina’s recommendation since I’m still not 100% over my back injury. I split my favorite jump rope in half midway though the second round which added some time. Let me know how much I owe you guys for it. Sorry about that.

    Today was an amazing day at CFI when the double-unders finally clicked. I cannot thank Christina enough for the coaching that made it all come together before the WOD. I can’t wait for the next WOD with DUs!!

    1. Glad to hear the DUs clicked today. That’s always a great day.

      And you don’t owe us anything for the rope. Equipment eventually breaks under repeated use. That’s the way of things.

  3. 9:00/365# I missed a lot of snatches tonight.

    I had a good time coaching this one at 6:30. Tito showed some solid improvement on his snatch during the 6:30 class! Bryan has a good foundation for the snatch with no previous experience!

  4. Today I did 250m rows before each set of my push press 5×5. I was really pleased with my performance after coming of my wrist injury. Slowly but surly it seems that I am getting back to where I was or even a little better. 1 RM on Push Press is 100lbs.

    250m row -65lbs- 250m row -75lbs- 250m row -85lbs- 250m row -95lbs ( last one was ugly, but it got done.)

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