Wednesday 9 November

Nate bench press“Mary”
Complete as many rounds in 20 minutes as you can of:
5 Handstand Push-ups
10 Pistols, alternating
15 Pull-ups

5 HSPUs (with one admat)
10 Assisted Pistols, alternating
15 Pull-ups

5 Inverted Pushups or
10 Assisted Pistols, alternating
15 Band Assisted Pull-ups

5 Dumbbell Press
10 Squats
15 Band Assisted Pull-ups or Ring Rows

10 min AMRAP:
5 Dislocates
5 Pipe Swings
5 Hang to Actives
Spiderman lunge 25-ft
10 Mountain Climbers

Skill Work

Zatsiorsky, Scaling, and Power by Jon Gilson, Again Faster

25 thoughts on “Wednesday 9 November

  1. Would be interested in hearing everyone’s thoughts on the Again Faster article. Definitely interesting to see some actual percentages set in stone for scaling, though I’m not convinced that 50% is a number that needs to be used in every single metcon. Even though we are interested in maximum power output we should continue to train for proficiency across a broad spectrum of loads, in my opinion

    1. Placing formulas over a broad population of individuals with varying physical and mental attributes isn’t the answer.

      One takeaway from this article, however, is to avoid the cart before horse mentality (especially for new folks like me). The allure of the acronym “rx” may overshadow the need to scale for optimal gains/performance.

      Like Jeff mentions below, there’s something about being trashed in the mid-WOD and finishing anyway that conquers mental barriers. The trick, I guess, is finding the athlete’s load/scale that fits the endeavor.

      Lastly, I find the idea of scaling above prescribed interesting. Is “rx” really the top of the food chain? Should it be?

      1. You nailed it! Its all individually based. Crossfit is wonderful but really broad in my opinion. Crossfitsms rx is the blueprint but loads should be tailored.

        Take Rich Fronings 225lb Grace from yesterday sub 5. If he trains Grace at 225lb for x amount of time…..what do you think that will do for his 135lb rx grace.

        I love the idea of going above rx weight in a wod if it helps YOU attain whatever goal you’re after. If you ask 100 different crossfitters-weight lifters- athletes. How did you get to your level….you’ll get 100to different answers. What are our individual goals from Crossfit is the question and our great coaches at CFI are there to guide. Pretty sure just rambled and made no point.

      2. you have to constantly increase load to achieve gains. Lightening a load you can rx in a metcon to get faster may help your cardio enduranceif that’s your goal. Going heavier with proper form may increase strength. I do think CrossFit does a great job overall programming to hit the metabolic pathways in a systematic way. So, I will follow because it’s worked for me over 6and months so far.

      3. Just bust your ass and listen to the coaches and push your limits and you’ll make gains and be in better shape than yesterday.

      4. Great point, Jay! It’s all about the individual and their goals. We discuss this in our Fundamentals introduction. Goals drive how we should train and putting a single formula on everyone is not the answer. There is no magic formula!

  2. He makes some good points, however, I’m not ready to sign up for 50% 1RM as a hard and fast rule for metcon loads. Because every athlete is different and will have different physical and mental sticking points. For maximum power output, he may be right. But there is training value, both mental and physical, to be gained from approaching a bar with your lungs destroyed, heart rate jacked, and it’s heavy enough that you really have to rake your guts to move it. That develops the mind of a champion.

  3. I agree with that for sure. It would also seem that even though a load may be 50% of your 1RM it wouldn’t stay 50% for the whole workout. I’ve had 50% turn into pretty close to 100%.

  4. There’s also the nagging question of “How many reps makes the 50% 1RM rule applicable?” It’s obvious from the article that it applies to 45 reps via 21-15-9. What about 30 reps in Grace? 75 reps in Randy? A triplet with 3 heavy deadlifts per round? Does it apply just to barbells? What about the 2 pood kettlebell swings in Nate?

    Now I’m not one to let the perfect be the enemy of the good. His intent is sound. Don’t take 20 minutes to finish Fran because each thruster is at your PR load. Understood. But if 50% 1RM is truly a mathematical recipe for max power and therefore training as a whole, as he purports, then the devil is in the details, and there’s a lot of details to work out.

    1. Reps??? That’s a key point. Well said above on what develops the mind of a champion. The game is mental. I have an opinion on all this but I’m sleepy, so you’ll have to tune in tomorrow 🙂

  5. I am not fixed on 50% 1RM rule either. I have often wondered if there would be benefit in scaling metcons more (for me personally). I wonder if this would have a positive affect on recovery? He also mentions 50% 1RM load at 30% speed. I have heard Louie Simmons discuss the effectiveness of their dynamic training with light loads. Could be an interesting experiment to scale more on particular metcons. I don’t think it will make them hurt less. 🙂

  6. Shoulder inflammation so I did Cindy
    21 rounds plus 8
    PR by 2 plus rounds
    Linked 5 ugly ass double unders so there may be hope yet

    1. I didn’t realize the goal was “pretty” double unders…if ugly gets it done, then it gets done! Besides, you don’t KNOW ugly, wait until you see my burpees!

  7. Random question: Does anyone know if lectins make it through the brewing process of beer?

    1. I may have this totally wrong, but from a google search on some different articles and blogs concerning this, looks like lectins are actually part of the fermentation process. So I would say yes to them surviving. But again, I may have this wrong. I take any medical and nutritional advice with a grain of salt when pulled off of a blog or random article.

  8. The video of Rich’s sub 5-minute Grace with 225 lbs. He just does steady singles, one after another, and never stops.

  9. Great work from the 515 class, everyone pushed really hard. Thanks Jeff for all your help! 6rds + 2 did assisted pistols and only used a towel for HSPU. Next thing on the list to get down are pistols!

  10. IMpressive work today from 5:15 and 6:30! Zan and Amanda are really making progress on HSPUs! Was really impressed with Ben’s resolve during 6:30 to solve the HSPU problem. By fixing some hand position and ab activation he went from singles to 5 unbroken. Nice work!

  11. 5+15 (kipping hspu)

    Trying to work out some shoulder mobility issues so I’m looking forward to doing this one again in a couple of months!

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