Thursday 10 November


Katie DL


Row 1000 meters

25 Double-unders

Row 750 meters

50 Double-unders

Row 500 meters

100 Double-unders



Row 1000m

15 Double Unders

Row 750m

50 Double Unders

Row 500m

75 Double Unders



Row 1000m

15 Double Under Attempts

Row 750m

50 Double Under Attempts

Row 500m

75 Double Under Attempts



Row 1000m

45 Single Unders

Row 500m

150 Single Unders

Row 200m

225 Single Unders



Run 400m

Then, 6 min AMRAP of:

10 Box Jumps

10 Push-Ups

10 Over Head Walking Lunges w/ plate


Double Unders

Milking Fact from Intolerance



27 thoughts on “Thursday 10 November

  1. Great photo, Katie — Congratulations on your achievement!

    18:42 Silver.

    Linked 3 or 4 DUs, pretty happy with that.

    Way to conquer DUs this morning, Justin!

  2. Impressive Katie.

    15:40 Rx, as I expected it was harder to link a lot of DUs after rowing.

  3. My first time rowing and doing a cardio WOD…intense but loved it!! Bronze 12:46

  4. Thanks guys! I joined the lunch class today and partnered up with Leah who did awesome with her double unders (: My time was 16:22 Rx’d, those last 100 double unders were terrible.

    1. I could have SWORN I told you NOT to completely destroy me on this one…hahaha…NICE work Katie!! And Leah…I feel your pain.

  5. Gold 19:28. Thanks for working with me Katie, hearing you yelling at me really helped on the rowing ๐Ÿ™‚ Had trouble jumping over the rope after crawling off the rower haha.

  6. I’m destroyed. This wrecked me in a real special way.
    Thanks Eric and everyone else for pointers and counting.
    First 75 went well. Last 100 I forgot how to count and add.
    Rxd 20:36

    1. I was only doing singles, but on the last round of 225 I had to do sets of 25 and mark them on the ground so I could keep count!

  7. Silver but with last two sets of single unders: 18:39

    Disappointed in myself. Just starting to get DU and linked 5-7 in a row (a PR for me! LOL) but the rowing wore my shoulders out and could feel my legs! Had to resort to single unders. Matt kept me going though, even after I almost miscounted his reps lol

    Need to get my endurance and stamina up to maintain the energy for DU!

  8. This was an absolute burner. Rx’d rows, but with 15, 25, and 35 DU/attempts. 17:30. Need to learn to at least put myself in a position to link DUs.

  9. Did “Grace” instead
    30 Clean and Jerks @ 135
    Thanks to Jeff for the push. At one point, I thought he was literally going to kick my ass if I didn’t pick up the bar. So, I figured I’d better pick up the bar.

  10. Oof! Bronze, 27:41. This one wiped me out! The final set of singles was killer, thank God the row distance kept dropping!

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