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  1. Today’s programming is a preview of what the Friday 5:15 strength class will be like. I have programmed it on an 18 week cycle that is a blend of classic rep schemes, Wendler 5/3/1, and some unique work set planning that has worked well for me over the past 6 months. If you hit the strength class every Friday then you will definitely benefit. Alright, it’s almost time to make it happen with the 5:30 class!

  2. Ran out of time this morning a didn’t write this on the board.

    SP: 65-70-75-80×1-76×2

    DL: 155-175-195-205(PR)-195×2

    It was fun working out with Faye this morning!! Didn’t rep out 205 like I should have, but I am happy with the PR :D. Practiced DU’s when I got home- linked 5.

  3. SP – 65, 75, 85, 86, 86 (4). Benchmark is previous 1RM (105#).

    DL – 135, 185, 235, 195, 195. Benchmark is previous 3RM (265#).

  4. Great work by all in the morning class today! Was great getting to work strength for the first time at CFI with new athletes Ken, John, and Ed.

    Melissa, your athlete profile says your deadlift PR is 200, so I guess we should update that to 205×5? 😉

    After class I worked sumo deadlift singles with 2 minutes rest inbetween. Worked up to 475. Conventional deadlift PR is 465, so that’s the most I’ve ever pulled off the ground.

      1. Thanks, guys. Despite protests from my jeans, I shall keep moving that direction.

  5. shoulder press: 135-145-155-165
    deadlift: 315-365-375-395

    I wasn’t watching the clock, only had time to do 4 sets of each. Even if I had time I didn’t have anything left for either exercise. I have been burning out at the 4th set on all of the strength days, I think making smaller jumps in weight between sets will help get to the last set.

    1. Matt, next time try out the suggested work sets that I prescribed for today. I like to back off deadlift in 15 lb jumps, squats in 10 lb jumps, and presses in 5 and 2 lb jumps.

  6. SP: 115,125,130,142,145
    DL: 335,340,345,365

    made multiple miscalculations throughout the WOD, but thanks to christina was able to stay on track. big lunch class was great today. God bless our veterans.

  7. Well, you can’t PR everyday!

    sp: 65-70-68-70-71.5 ugh! 80 is my PR…so, not so good.
    dl: 185-205X-205X ugh AGAIN!! 210 is PR…curses!!!

    I have a list of excuses, but I’m not gonna’ use any of them right now…instead, know that I’ll get it next time!

    On a high note, I enjoyed working with the new Christina and the 4:00 class. 🙂

  8. Press

    I really like deadlifts- fun class

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