Monday 14 November

Jordan Sweeping


10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 reps of the triplet:

Deadlift: 1 1/2 body weight
Bench press: body weight
Clean: 3/4 body weight

Post time to comments.


Deadlift: 1 ¼ body weight
Bench press: ¾ body weight
Clean: ½ body weight


Deadlift: body weight
Bench press: ½ body weight
Clean: ½ body weight


Deadlift: ¾ body weight
Bench press: ¼ body weight
Power Clean: ¼ body weight


Group Barbell/PVC warm-up drills

22 thoughts on “Monday 14 November

  1. Heading your way from Maui tonight (Sunday) to hang out with my friend, Ken. I know he’s loving CrossFit Impulse! Thanks for taking such good care of him. I’ll try to make it for an afternoon of “Linda”. Oh, and nice reverse arm sweepers(?) there in the photo.

  2. 25:29 Gold w/ power cleans. The wife and I did tabata squats last night, so squat cleans this morning were a little rough. No more deadlifts, please!

  3. 2nd time doing Linda….after the first, I swore I’d never voluntarily do her again.
    Today isn’t the environment to worry about rxing or speed due to barbells, space and class size. Partner up with someone your size and strength and get after it and you’ll have a great wod. Greg and I finished about 21 minutes with hang clean.

    I stand by my belief that Linda rxd in around 25 min is one of the greatest accomplishments in Crossfit for a beginner anyway.

  4. Good point, Josh. Everyone please be prepared to be Gumby flexible today as your trainer improvises, adapts, and overcomes!

    1. Pam and I teamed up this morning, both of us have been off and on for the last two weeks so we scaled to the same weights. It was actually very nice having the push of knowing she was right behind me on the other bars.

  5. Gumby flexible and Hercules strong…I am neither, so this ought to be very interesting…

    I’d like to know what CF Beginner could do this Rx’d. There’s great accomplishments and then there’s reality. Josh, I’m going to have to punch you in the face now. 😉

    DL: 240#
    BP: 160#
    PC: 120#

    The above would be my weights at Linda Rx’d…don’t get crazy! But, yes, it would be MIGHTY impressive!!!

    1. Ok I didn’t mean beginner. I meant that’s a great accomplishment for a non competitive crossfitter. You get into competing athlete times and you get to like 14 min……so 25-30 min is doable and a wonderful goal 🙂

  6. I just recently bench pressed my body weight after working really hard on it for years…one time. I’ll definately be scaling today. Even in the WOD demo on mainsite NICHOLE was scaling linda! I’m talking about The Nichole that the WOD is named after!

  7. 40:45, DL=Rx, BP=Gold, SC=70%, BW=220#
    besides the 10x100m sprints, this was the hardest WOD i’ve done yet. i am very thankful for all of my fellow lunch classmates, who all stayed after 12:30 to cheer me on to completion. that was way above and beyond and i appreciate it. what a great community of people.

  8. Damn Jason! Awesome!!
    Scaled for me, but closet to Rx I’ve ever done it.
    DL 270 Rx
    BP 165 (BW 180)
    SC 135 Rx

    Hit Muscle failure on BP in round of 4. Had to result to singles. Also led it on my chest screaming for help at one point. Lol. Thanks Hailey and Steve. Hailey saved menonntwo reps as well just as I was about to drop it again.

    31:45 I think or close to that. Back muscles locked up pretty bad starting round 7. It hurt badly to DL and Squat Clean the rest of the WOD. Ouch! Couldn’t have done it without help from everyone at lunch pressing me to finish.

    Awesome work Luke! Serious focus.

    1. I think there might be some confusion. There’s no way I could do this entire WOD in less than 30 minutes by myself.

      The 6:30 class had to partner it up due to class size and time limits. The loads were Rx’d for me but we shared the rep scheme so it wasn’t 100% Rx’d for either of us rep-wise.

      I’d love to hit this by myself in a few weeks and get a true time.

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