Tuesday 15 November

Handstand PushupWOD:


Complete as many rounds in 20 minutes as you can of:
Run 400 meters
Max rep Pull-ups
Post number of pull-ups completed for each round.



400m Run
Red or blue band assisted pullups


400m Run
Green or green/blue band assisted pullups


200m Run
Grey band or any combination of bands needed for assisted pullups


Dynamic Drills focusing on Hips and Shoulders

Mobility or Skill Work:

Skill Work

Kipping and Butterfly Pullup

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32 thoughts on “Tuesday 15 November

  1. I read “Desperate for bread” and immediately thought “Desperate for crack?” Then I thought about how bread is the equivalent of poop in your mouth. I put the two ideas together and remembered this gem:

  2. 59 Rx

    Tried to stick with a 10 rep scheme but fell off the bar on my final round. Runs were terrible.

  3. If I knew I was that close to 100, I would have gotten it. 97 seems puny by comparison. Now that I know I’m within reach of triple digits I want to do it again tomorrow. Im sure my body will disagree however.

    1. We are talking double digits vs triple digits…..3 digits >or 2 digits

      103 rx

      Great job Matt

      1. My lot in life. I guess I’m ok with living in your shadow. Just remember when you move in to your Malibu mansion, I got dibs on the guest house.

  4. This was a great workout, I was really feeling pull ups tonight, they seemed like my rest compared to that awful run!! Thanks Christina for the push!!
    70 Rx
    Stupid hand tore, we’ll see about Fran tomorrow

    1. By push you mean that I did this at 4:00 and got 65 Rx’d 🙂 you’re welcome haha

  5. 121 Rx’d
    Awesome job 6:30 class!! This was my first time doing “Nicole”. Thanks for the awesome coaching, Jordan. Those last 21 pullups were a gut scraper.

  6. 113 Rx’d
    Rounds were 20-20-20-18-15-20
    I was 3 off my old PR. It was my 5th round that killed my score.

    Great work from the afternoon classes today! I haven’t seen the leader board torn up like that in a while! All three top males were pushing each other in the 6:30 class and it resulted in some very impressive scores!

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