Wednesday 16 November

overhead carryWOD:


Thrusters @ 95/65 lbs



Thrusters @ 85/55 lbs
Blue band assisted Pullups


Thrusters @ 75/45 lbs
Green band assisted Pullups


Dumbbell thrusters @ 35/25 lbs each hand
Ring rows


Dynamic drills with 2 reps of jumping pullups and light dumbbell thrusters after each drill


Mobility Work

Spiderman stretch
Pole squats

Rich Froning does “Grace” at 225 pounds in 4:49 – video [wmv] [mov]

38 thoughts on “Wednesday 16 November

    1. Looks like we have another head to head. I’ll go first on Fran….give you a target.

  1. Didn’t really have a baseline for Fran….Last time I did this I was 6 months pregnant with Sutton and did it with 55# in 6:08. This was my first time going Rx’d…. Now, I finally have something to work with 😀

    7:43 RX’d

    Words of Advice: Stay out of the f***ing chalk bucket!! Thanks Jeff and Kristen for cheering me on!

  2. 7:25 75# Red-band. First fran. I have a new-found respect for those freaks who can get under 3 minutes.

  3. My legs are very much like they were the first day of fundamentals after tabata squats. I didn’t expect that this morning 🙂 Thanks everyone for the encouragement. Never underestimate what your words mean to someone in the heat of a personal struggle.

  4. Inspiring work by everyone this morning! Was really impressed with Justin’s progress. Kristen and Melissa set the bar high with Rx’d times in the mid-7 minute range.

    The dial slid up a little this morning, and I let some salty words fly at the chalk bucket. I apologize to anyone who was offended.

      1. It was all a blur…a cloudy haze…NO, I didn’t wanna’ but I had to…or I’m pretty sure the “enouraging” words would not have stopped…Thanks Brent!

        10:27 RX’d I am now an official CrossFit Woman!

        Thanks Daniel, Steve, Kim, Melissa, and Renee’!!! I get asked a lot why I CrossFit…people like you are always my answer!

      1. As soon as I’m able I’m gonna do it….maybe Friday open gym. Last night further aggravated an injury I’ve never really let heal. I’m out for a bit.

  5. I couldn’t speak for about 30 minutes after. It felt like Fran was sitting on my chest laughing at me. I was pissed at my round of 15. Broke it up way too much on pull-ups. I just didn’t have it on the bar today.

    Thanks Brent for screaming at me. I needed it.

  6. First puky wod. There are two partially digested lo-carb burgers and a side salad out back of the gym if anyone gets hungry….5:44 Rx’d (first rx’d FRAN)

    1. Great first time RX, and I was almost there with you on Pukie. If Nicole hadn’t damned my pull ups yesterday then I might have pushed myself over the edge today. As it was I was fighting off puking for a good 30 minutes.

  7. What an awesome day at CFI! The 4:00 and 5:15 classes killed it today. Most of them giving Fran a go for the first time. Could not be any more proud of the comradery I saw in the box tonight! It was inspiring to just be in the same room with you guys. Congratulations to Amanda for getting on the leader board! Especially after doing “Nichole” yesterday! I did “Fran” tonight with Zan as my partner. I got 3:51 Rx’d (41 sec PR). I did all my thrusters unbroken but my grip gave out on my PUs by the 2nd round. Overall very happy with my PR today. That made my week!

  8. 9:41 46# thrusters, red/blue band pullups…..PR by 2:06….but obviously still have alot of work to do…..fran doesnt seem like such a bitch now that ive had a hot bath, a glass of wine, and ice on my knee….maybe we will even be friends one day…not!

  9. I worked late so I did a home brew while grilling.
    10 min AMRAP
    30 double unders
    20 lunges
    10 pullups

    Completed 6 rounds + 2 DUs

    Congrats on all of the Fran PRs!

  10. This is amazing. This is it right here. This is crossfit. Every single one of you guys that came in today and pushed for every single rep make me proud to be a part of this gym! If it was your first time rx, your first time ever, whether you had a PR or whether you just finished, you all moved forward, you all over came a terrible mountain of a wod! each one of you inspire me, and i’m sure I can include the entire trainer staff as well, to be the best that i can be for you all, to help you accomplish any seemingly impossible goal, because that is crossfit.

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