5 thoughts on “Monday 5 December

  1. 1:31,1:43,1:35
    damper on 10 for first 2 rounds, thanks emily for suggesting move down to 8.5 for final. it was far easier.

  2. Had to play catch up, did Sunday’s WOD also (gym at work).


    WOD for today 1:52,1:51, 1:50.

  3. Tried to game the first row in order to be consistent. The rower rewarded me by still destroying me. Literally feels no different than if I went for PR on the first one. Still don’t feel 100%.

    1:32.4, 1:35.0, 1:41.5

  4. BTW, enjoyed watching Irvin, Dan, and Eric score 800+ on the max wattage per 3 pulls today! I think Brittany took #1 for the women. I scored 719.

  5. Good times tonight at 6:30! Eric, Irvin, and Dan crushed the max watts in three pulls challenge! They took all three spots on the leaderboard. Brittany claimed third for the ladies!

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