Thursday 8 December

Haily hip extensions



Compare to Tuesday 8 November at CrossFit Impulse



Scale by load


Scale by load


Scale by load


Static drills

AMRAP 6 minutes

6 Chest to bar pullups
6 Good mornings with empty bar


Over the bar

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16 thoughts on “Thursday 8 December

  1. Great first day back! Thanks Jeff for the coaching! And I was able to make it over the bar (1st time ever). Best way to start off the day!

    1. Awesome job on the college boy rolls! Glad I could motivate you, lol. Great to see you back in the box!

  2. Great morning class today! Saw Billy and Sarah do a reverse roll over the bar for the first time, and Kristen deadlifted 275 lbs for a single on her final set!

    This morning I programmed for myself
    8 min AMRAP
    3 strict CTB pullups
    6 kettlebell swings @ 2 pd, Russian standard
    9 squats

    13 rounds + 1 rep

    This was a great WOD. All reps were unbroken, so it essentially teaches you the importance of moving quickly between movements and holding on for that final rep that’s a little more difficult than the rest. Didn’t destroy me, though. Looking forward to deadlifts this evening.

  3. 425×3
    PR by 35# from 6 days ago. Thanks to Emily for the coaching over the past 2 months on DL.

  4. I did “Annie” today at the 9:30 class. Got a 30 sec PR and went unbroken on all reps for the first time! Thanks Zan!
    Time: 6:06 Rx’d

    Then I did todays WOD and got 235# for my 3RM. PR by 5#.

  5. 175-180-190-195-205 . Pretty excited about it, after thinking the 175 was really heavy at first.
    Big thanks to Emily, Melissa, Haily and Jordan for the encouragement and help! I couldn’t have done it
    without y’all!

    1. Awesome job Kim! Seems like you are going to keep me on my toes :)I like it!

  6. 135-185-235-235-235

    (My single rep PR is 240 from CFT)

    Tried using sumo dead lift, I’m finding it harder to breathe when I’m doing sumo dead lift.

    Tried to clean and jerk 135# afterwards for fun, didn’t happen.

  7. 155-175-185-195-205 PR
    Sincerely enjoyed working out with Sandra and Fei! They kept me pushing or I should say lifting haha!

    Got my first collage boy roll today! I plan to never lose it know that I have found it!

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