Friday 9 December

Matt over the wall



Five rounds for time of:
400 meter run
15 reps overhead squat (95/65)

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Five rounds for time of:
400 meter run
15 reps overhead squat (85/55)


Five rounds for time of:
400 meter run
10 reps overhead squat (75/45)


Four rounds for time of:
200 meter run
10 reps overhead squat (45/31)


PVC Work
Dynamic Movements
Work up to WOD load on OHS

Skill Work or Mobility Work:


 Super couch and lacrosse ball to the ribs

Compare to 16 June 2011 at CrossFit Impulse

9 thoughts on “Friday 9 December

  1. Last time I did this was June 16, 2011 ….I DNF’d with a 30 min cut-off.

    Almost 6 months later….
    17:17 Rx’d- This makes me so happy!

    Thanks for the push Ben, Michelle and Jordan!!!

    1. When I read that, I thought I remembered your experience in June. I went back to that day’s post (which I’m about to insert in the main post above) and sure enough, I taught the morning class. You were down to singles and an occasional double on your OHS that day. I think I might have prodded you to go Rx’d instead of 55 lbs, and I think I remember regretting it later since you didn’t finish. Was very atypical of your usual performance. Glad you were able to redeem yourself today! Maybe the 30 minute suck-fest in June made you mentally and physically stronger at OHS and you just now got to see it. Congrats!

      1. Thanks, Jeff!! I have been trying to remember what has changed so much in 6 months. Hate to sound so CrossFit Cliche’, but changing your diet does make one hell of a difference. The Nutrition class that Michelle did transformed everything (Thanks, Lady)!

    2. Hell’s to the yeah, girl! I knew you would come out of the gates swinging when you came back haha! Congrats on your progress!

  2. 12:57 (PR by 31 seconds from 12 November 2010)

    Really enjoyed Brent’s class and working out with the lunch crew. You guys are a lively bunch. I think Brent’s cues like “drive” and “press” actually scare me into compliance, which I like.

  3. 20:54 Rxd…planned on doing 55#, but Brent wasn’t havin’ it! Which was good, I did the last four rounds of OHS unbroken! He was right, I totally had it! HELLZ yah!!!

  4. Stayed away for a few days worried about the elbows. Then I realized how crappy I felt after not being active.

    Thanks, Christina, for the great insight on injuries and how to work around them!

    5×5 Moderate DL

    5×5 Moderate Bench Press

    Modified Michael: 19:30
    400m Run
    50 Situps
    50 Back Extensions

    Feeling much better. Hope to see Josh post his open-gym psychotic WOD and results.

  5. 14:13 Rx’d. I really like working out at lunch time and with the lunch crew. I need to do it more often.

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