6 thoughts on “Friday Strength @ 5:15

  1. For those of you attending the strength work at 5:15 tonight, take a look at the warmup, and suggested work sets.

    Plan to PR your last set of Bench Press and Back Squat with your 3RM+5 lbs.

    Bench Press Example Work Sets
    If Bench Press 3RM PR < 150 lbs then

    Back Squat Example Work Sets
    If Back Squat 3RM PR < 175 lbs then

    If you calculate these before class, we can spend more time moving the barbell and less time doing math. Prior planning can equal big results! If you are not comfortable finding loads on your own, I will be here to help as always when you arrive. Looking forward to tonight!

    1. Second Jeff’s comment! Great idea and really looking forward to it today!

  2. Its mango pie night at Stucky’s. The line gets long at the microwave if you get there too late.

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