6 thoughts on “Friday 16 December

  1. Fighting off the last bit of a cold and some soreness, so just needed to sweat a little today. Open gym, warmed up with some rowing and lacross ball/mobility.


    5 Rounds of
    10 Knees to Elbows
    10 In/Outs using parallets

    I may come to open gym just to watch Josh do crazy WODs…

    1. Christina gets all credit for this!
      For time
      50lb vest 100ft walking lunge
      50lbwith vest + 90lb weighted belt for 50 reps box squats
      50lb vest strict pullups 20 reps
      100ft walking lunge – allowed to take the vest off for last walking lunge
      11:32 I think
      the vest was smothering my mind
      It was awesome

  2. 17:16 Rx’d Huh??..that’s weird…I beat Melissa Fowler, how did that happen? She must have put her time up for 800M of lunges, or maybe she had on a 20 pound vest. Her awesomeness knows no bounds!!! but if I beat her fair and square, I’m taking this opportunity to say, HELLZ YAH! 🙂

    I might add that Christina was cracking me up today!! Another fun day at CFI!

  3. So great job to everyone yesterday! Open gym was also working really hard… I like it!
    I worked out at 11:30 and did option 2
    3rds of 100ft walking lunges, 50 squats, 25 hip ext. 9:47 PR by 35 sec. Then worked out during strength class at 5:15.
    PP- 65-75-85-95-105 (PR)-110x-110x
    SDL -145-165-175-185x-185x-165-165 enjoyed working out with Amanda on this one!

  4. 400 lunges today 21Dec11 at work. didn’t time it, but it felt far easier than previous.

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