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    1. You ran 3200m last Friday and lifted a bunch of heavy stuff inbetween. Another two 800m intervals and you’re practically there. 🙂

  1. Did this as a travel WOD, took around 30 minutes, uphill both ways (route worked out that way), did a real number on my knees. Celebrated by doing 30 air squats, 20 pushups, and 20/20/20 V-up/crunch/leg lift.

  2. Did this one at home at lunch….i think i got distracted by the beautiful day because after the second mile i realized my time was sucking..so i had to crank it up and even with that my time was 33:47…pretty pathetic but it was a great day for a run!

  3. 26:43 PR by 43sec.
    i was happy with this BUT I could of had a better time. i was on my first lap heading back down hill when this car pulls up next to me and calls me “hey. excuse me” so i ignore. she then says ” help. excuse me help” (in distressed voice while she is backing up to keep up with me (not saying that’s very hard to do important pretty slow) so i slow down thinking well maybe she’s sick or with someone in need of medical attention and i could point her to the hospital. but no. she asked me if Jump Zone was closed. when i told her i didn’t know she told me no one was there and its normally open this time of day. after i told her im sorry maybe its due to the holiday i don’t work there i told myself i would never be fooled by a cry for help again. she ruined it for any person ever really needing assistance from me in the future…while important running a 5 k

    1. I hired some stupid mom to sabatoge your run. She was supposed to make you stop completely! How else am I EVER going to beat you?

      AND you still PRd??? DAMNIT!!!

  4. So, at least I’ve found consistency in something. Two 5K runs in my life; both at CFI and both 28:14. Now, if my 10K is 56:28…

  5. All 3 of my 5k athletes at 5:15 set new PRs! Sandra and Ed had stellar runs, in addition to dominating freeze tag. Congrats to Billy for completing his first CFI 5k.

    1. Thanks, now I have a baseline for the CFI Course… I’ll have to look up my last 5k time that I did at home, but I know that I did PR on time… and might I add that my neighborhood doesn’t have any hills. I have to work on my breathing! 30:27

  6. I suck at freeze tag, I suck (refuse to run) at a 5k….but I stayed at a Holiday Inn Express last night and deadlifted 500lb x 5 reps tonight and did a crazy 3 round bw deadlift 15- rep while opponent accumulated reps on hip extensions.

    Alex smoked me and congrats to him on a 15lb deadlift pr

  7. I did a DL 1×7 and PR’d by 15# at 415#. I’m still riding the high today!!! Now I want to hit 500# in 2012!

    Josh – I’m thinking next 1v1 we’ll have to incorporate 20# wall ball shots as the rep counter!

    1. Ill murder you on wall balls so yes…wall ball shots it is. Then muscle ups 🙂

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