6 thoughts on “Closed – New Years Eve

  1. Have you found the Jan. ’08 WODs on the CF Main site archieves? There seems to be a glitch on that month.

  2. Met Nate, Mitch, and Ben S. this morning and did “Hidalgo”

    Run 2 miles
    Rest 2 min
    20 Squat clean @ 135
    20 Box Jump @ 24 in
    20 Walking Lunge w/ 45 lb plate
    20 Box Jump
    20 Squat clean
    Rest 2 min
    Run 2 miles

    Last 2 miles run with 20 lb vest. 48:22. Good end of year workout.

  3. Went to the rock wall, my friends weren’t belay certified so we bouldered. Either I’m getting bad or the setters are getting tough. Burned out all my energy on a problem with a nasty dyno right at the sit start. Dropped from V3 to V2.

    Did 30 double unders and worked on sumo DL, then went partying.

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