Tuesday 28 February

Kurt Squat Cleans


“Deck of Cards”

A team of 3 will shuffle a deck of cards. Each team has its own deck. When the clock starts one person will flip over the top card and perform the movement that corresponds to the suit of that card while the other athletes rest. When that athlete is finished, the next athlete will flip a card, and so on. The number of reps will be the number on the card. If it is a face card, the athlete will perform 10 reps of the movement. If it is an ace, the athlete will perform 11 reps of the movement. If it is a joker, all team members will perform 12 burpees together. The fastest team to get through the deck of cards wins!

Hearts: Power Cleans @ 125/85

Spades: Jerks @ 125/85

Diamonds: Front Squats @ 125/85

Clubs: Sit-up Wall Balls @ 20/14


Numbered card: perform that many reps

Face card: perform 10 reps

Ace: perform 11 reps

Joker: Everybody perform 12 burpees

Compare times to September 23, 2011.



Hearts: Power Cleans @ 105/65

Spades: Jerks @ 105/65

Diamonds: Front Squats @ 105/65

Clubs: Sit-up Wall Balls @ 14/10


Hearts: Power Cleans @ 95/55

Spades: Jerks @ 95/55

Diamonds: Front Squats @ 95/55

Clubs: Sit-up Wall Balls @ 10/8


Hearts: Power Cleans @ 75/31

Spades: Jerks @ 75/31

Diamonds: Front Squats @ 75/31

Clubs: Sit-up Wall Balls @ 8/6


Warm-up to load and play ten cards to get the feel of the game.



Shoulder mobility and hip mobility.