New Program: Focus

Angie Lifting a Stone


CrossFit is not simply a workout. It’s a lifestyle of living and eating well, moving as our bodies were designed, and achieving the highest levels of athleticism!  Sometimes achieving the next level of athleticism takes a personal approach, so now we’re offering Focus: a formal program to individualize your programming to achieve your goals. This is exclusively offered to CrossFit Impulse athletes. We start by getting a clear understanding of your goals and capabilities through an initial assessment. Then, a CrossFit Impulse trainer will create a customized month of programming for you. This means you will perform workouts custom tailored to your goals and eliminating your weaknesses. Lets say that you have the goal of training for a police or fire recruit school, military service, a marathon or a triathlon. Perhaps your goal is to get accepted into our new AMP class and take your training to the next level.  All of these goals are attainable with a dedicated and focused program.  The first month includes a written program, two 35 minute coaching sessions, email correspondence twice a week, and one 35 minute nutrition coaching session.

Continuing Focus:

If you are setting new PRs and stoked about continuing Focus, then you can elect to continue after the first month. This includes the next month of custom programming, one 45 minute coaching session, email correspondence once a week, and one 35 minute nutrition coaching session.


Focus is purchased in addition to your monthly membership. Athletes participating in Focus may perform their workout during the 5:15 AMP class or during Open Gym on Tuesdays and Fridays from 12:30-3:30. It does not matter is a Focus athlete meets the requirements for AMP, since the athlete is participating in Focus—not AMP. Focus athletes may not perform their workout during a normal WOD class. Sorry, that just won’t work out for everyone.


$199 for the initial month

$99 for any month following

We also offer 1-hour private lessons for $75.00 per hour. Private lessons allow for flexibility to work on anything you would like: skill work, mobility, specific questions, strength, nutrition, backgammon—anything!

We look forward to training with you and helping you achieve life changing fitness!


The CFI Team