Sunday 24 June- Olympic Lifting Clinic

Justin snatch

Olympic Lifting Clinic I

Today’s special 2-hour clinic will teach you to snatch heavy loads.

In the first hour you’ll learn how to snatch from the top down with PVC pipe and empty barbells.

Then, in the second hour you’ll start moving some weight and apply what you learned under watchful coaching. Be ready to set a PR!

The clinic is taught by Jeff Barnett, a CrossFit olympic lifting certified instructor. This clinic is a pre-requisite for the second clinic in the series that CFI will offer in later months. Nine out of ten athletes said that this clinic improved their lifts, and their love life.

Today’s special event is free to CFI unlimited athletes, $20 for 2x and 3x per week CFI athletes, and $40 for all others.

You must register in advance here before attending. Attendance is limited.

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