CrossFit Games Viewing Party This Weekend!

2012 CrossFit Games

What: Watch the 2012 CrossFit Games together live on TV!

When: Friday @ 7 PM, Saturday @ 6 PM, Sunday @ 1 PM

Who: Everyone is invited! Children are welcome.

Where: Jeff and Christina’s house

You can check out the facebook event here for more info.

Seriously, this is the coolest televised event of the summer: the 2012 CrossFit Games streaming live from Carson, California! It’s the equivalent of the monster truck Bigfoot crushing 1000 Dodge Chargers, at an AC/DC concert, on the 4th of July. Oh, and did I mention that Bigfoot is being driven by a ninja? And the ninja is on fire!! Yes, it’s really that cool. Lindsay Lohan would pass on a line of cocaine before she’d pass on watching the CrossFit Games.
Festivities start at 7 PM with an ESPN recap of the day’s events and then a live event for us to watch. We do this right: a 67″ main monitor for watching the action and a 32″ secondary monitor for streaming alternate camera views, looking up stats, or displaying funny cat pictures. We’ll be sacrificing a goat to Annie Thorissdottir at 7 PM sharp, so somebody bring a tarp. The fun will be repeated on Saturday and Sunday night as well.


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