Hypertrophy Week 5, Deload

Baby Eric

The intent of this week is to recover from the previous four weeks of training and let your body assimilate the gains from your hard work. That’s best done by using these techniques:

  • Change up your training style
  • Listen to your body a little more than normal
  • Go into workouts without expectations. Take the mindset “I’m going to do this workout, have a good time with it, and push as hard as I feel like pushing.” Some of you may find this odd compared to your usual mindset of “I will crush this workout. I will beat the time of my arch nemesis, Fancy Pants Mendoza, by at least one second, even if it requires me to puke, shit, and cry…all at the same time.”

So the emphasis this week is on hitting a few selected class workouts. We’re bookending that with 60 minutes of ass-numb on Monday and a free-for-all fun workout on Saturday morning. I also encourage you to get outdoors and relax a bit. As the weather warms I like to get in Indian Creek after training. You can hang out, use a rope swing, or wade up/downstream. You encounter water between 2-inches and 6-feet deep and have to navigate current and climb over obstacles. It’s great fun.

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