Strength and Gymnastics II Week 3


I retooled the template for this cycle to address some gaps:

  • We’re going to practice MUs and HSPUs using density training. You may remember it from last season. This week we start with a 10 minute EMOM and work down from there. This worked great last time. I think having tangible metrics for skill work will drive us to be better.
  • I’ve incorporated strongman style training from It’s about the best thing I’ve seen for making you brutally strong and powerful.
  • I’m taking our weightlifting work from a Catalyst Athletics cycle
  • Gymnastics work comes from Carl Paoli
  • Our Thursday endurance work on the rower comes from Chris Hinshaw. He is the endurance coach for NorCal CrossFit
  • We’ll be working speed/agility once a week. I’m tired of being slow.

I’ve also got a pretty unique idea for Thunderdome Saturday. It’s more of an “Expedition Saturday.”

So that’s where I’m headed with my training. I welcome you to follow me.

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