Winter Weather Policy Change

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Last year we adopted a policy of following Madison City Schools regarding canceling classes due to weather. This made a lot of sense. We needed a centralized system so everyone always knows when a class is cancelled. School cancellations are widely broadcast and we assume some careful thought goes into the decision to cancel or delay class. Seemed reasonable.

This past week has proven that policy sucks. First, we found that it doesn’t work when school isn’t in session. Monday was President’s Day. Madison City Schools weren’t in session. There was the potential for winter weather on Monday, but we were back to the same old situation of making a new decision for every event.

Then Madison City Schools delayed school because of a forecast, which is fairly normal around here. Then the forecast was totally wrong, which is also fairly normal around here.

Then there was no chance for winter weather, but great Ceasar’s ghost it was going to be cold, so class was delayed again. At this point the cowardice of our school system is pissing me off.

Now we’re about to repeat the same song and dance for Friday and I just can’t stand it anymore. You guys don’t deserve to have your class cancelled for nothing. This most often happens to the 5:30 AM class, and most crazies that train at 5:30 AM are there because that’s the only time of day that works for them. So if that class gets cancelled unnecessarily, it’s a big deal.

I’m not afraid to try things and fail, but when I see they are failing, I am also not afraid to correct course. So that policy is over.

Here is the new policy: Check the website. When there is a chance for weather that might make it unsafe to get to class or workout we will post a thread titled “Weather Cancellations Feb XX-XX”. In there you’ll find a quick, no-nonsense, two-sentence description of any classes that are cancelled. This will be updated continuously.

I’ve created one for this week. It contains the info for Friday’s classes. Check it out here.

Here’s how the decision to cancel class will be guided:

  • We don’t cancel based on a forecast.
  • Regardless of whether class is cancelled, don’t make yourself unsafe to get to the gym.
  • I’ll never ask one of my coaches to make themselves unsafe to get to class.
  • If roads are icy and slippery, class will probably be cancelled.
  • If it’s just cold or raining, then we train.

The information will always be posted on the website. So if you want to know whether class is cancelled, check the website.

I hope this is an improvement to our old policy. As always, let us know what you think by contacting us via your favorite method. Giving you an awesome experience is our #1 priority, and we welcome honest feedback on how we’re doing. -Jeff

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