Supplement Workshop this Thursday night at 6:30PM

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This Thursday night Coach Jeff will be leading a supplement workshop! This workshop will give you a basic understanding of the most important supplements and how you should use them for best results. He will also answer questions about any supplements you are currently taking. This free workshop is limited to 10 slots, so sign-up quickly. Jeff wants us to remind you,

“As usual, if you sign up for this free workshop and then no-show, denying one of your fellow athletes the chance to attend, then we will begin the workshop with a group prayer for you to contract Syphilis. If you have questions about your current supplements, you must bring them with you so I can read all the information on the bottle. Don’t try to describe to me “I take that creatine in the red bottle. The stuff that tastes like bananas.” I can’t do anything with that. Either bring the actual supplement bottle or try again next time. This workshop is Thursday April 21st at 6:30pm. I’m looking forward to it and so should you!” -Jeff