Texas Method Weightlifting Week 1


For our next cycle I’ve completely Bruce Lee’d two different programs: Travis Mash’s Squat Every Day Weightlifting Program and The Texas Method Squat Program.


Absorb What is Useful (What we’re keeping)

  • Some type of squat is done every day, even if light. The last 12 weeks proved that this was great for preserving our mobility and keeping that important movement ingrained in our brains.
  • Weightlifting EMOMs that have proven to help us hit big numbers, even on a clock.
  • Walking lunges that keep our hips healthy.
  • Ample accessory work for shoulders and core to prevent injury and improve power transfer from our hips.
  • Working jerk twice a week, because we suck at it.
  • The Texas Method has been used by a ton of successful weightlifters and powerlifters. Coach Glenn Pendlay was notorious for using it with his athletes. It’s a proven system.

Discard What is Not

  • My legs don’t seem to respond well to just high intensity squatting for singles. They feel great, but just haven’t increased in strength very much. They seem to need some volume, which is where the Texas Method comes in. So we will be squatting some sets of five reps on Mondays and Fridays.
  • Working heavy cleans twice a week was very fatiguing. Most of us are relatively good at cleans, compared to our snatch and overall level of strength. So now we’re only working clean once per week. This should provide more recovery potential to increase leg strength, which is the real culprit  holding back my clean.
  • Everything that didn’t have a specific purpose is gone. We need the recovery for all the things that do have very specific purposes.

Add What is Uniquely Your Own

  • Conditioning will align with the CrossFit Impulse classes whenever possible. This week it was possible on Tuesday and Friday.
  • Finishers about twice a week. If we’re not lunging or doing conditioning, then we’re probably doing a finisher. This could be quick strongman-style work or general athleticism work like sprints and agility. Sometimes you need to have fun and be an athlete.
  • Shoulder press makes an appearance as accessory work. We all need more strict press in our life.
  • If powerlifting is more your thing than weightlifting, you’ll have the choice to work powerlifting specific movements a few times per week. You’ll notice a section that says “Choose One” highlighted in green. Don’t be a dummy and do both.

I will run this program for at least 3-4 weeks. That will be enough time to evaluate whether the Texas Method squats are working well or destroying our world. Like everything we do, if it works, we’ll keep it, and if it doesn’t then we’ll go back to what works. This is the direction I’m going. Follow me if you want to lift.

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