Training July 17th – 23rd



Sunday Fun Day!

*3 pm surprise WOD*


Sprint & Agility

Week 7

  1. Sprint Warmup
  2. Drills on Sprint Mechanics
  3. 1x100m Hill Sprint at warmup pace
  4. 2 x 100m, 3 x 60m, 4 x 40m Hill Sprints at sprint pace
  5. Sprint Cool down


Team Power Linda


Deadlift @ 150% Bodyweight

Bench Press @ Body Weight / 80% Body Weight

Power Clean @ 75% Body Weight

*You will form teams of three athletes. You will prioritize helping your teammates ahead of improving your own time. Each team gets two barbells, a rack, and a bench. You will setup one deadlift bar and one bar for bench press/ power clean. Spot, change weights, and reposition barbells as needed. If your spotter puts his hands under your barbell during bench press, even if not touching it, then you must repeat the rep.




400m Run

21 Kettlebell Swings @ 53/35#

12 Pullups


Pick one of six sandbags and complete 20 sandbag zercher front squats. Use as many sets as needed. Two athletes may help you load the sandbag. Available sandbags:

  1. Everest
  2. Kilimanjaro
  3. McKinley
  4. Fuji
  5. Ranier
  6. St. Helens

The sandbags have names because their weights don’t matter. They are sandbags and do not conform to the rules of barbells. So don’t worry about how much they weigh.



5 rounds for time:

3 Rope Climbs

10 Toes to Bar

21 Overhead Walking Lunges @ 45/25#

400m Run


Every 40 seconds for 15 rounds

1 Handstand Pushup (or scaled variation)



For Time:

21 – 15 – 9

Deadlift @ 225/155 lb

Handstand Push Ups


“Carry Me Home 2.0”

5 Rounds for Load

50’ Yoke Carry @ Crushing

100m 1-Arm Farmer’s Carry (50m each arm) @ All the groceries in one trip

100m Fireman’s Carry @ Choose your partner wisely

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