March Newsletter

CrossFit Impulse March Newsletter

We custom schedule both Fundamentals and Fast Track courses to each individual’s schedule. Call, email, and send your friends our way.  We schedule free intros throughout the week and pride ourselves on making everyone of any ability level feel comfortable and get started with CrossFit the right way.

Stay hydrated and bring a case of water to share!

Upcoming Events

Whole Life Challenge – Baseline retest and Party
I know it has been a tough few weeks for those of you doing the Whole Life Challenge and hopefully you are seeing some positive changes in your life.  Even the littlest things like making sure to do a few minutes of mobility every day can make a huge difference in how you feel day to day.  Just a coupe more week until the eight week challenge comes to an end and you get to see just how far you’ve come.  We have several dates and times set up for the whole Life Challenge baseline retest.  Come to any one of the class dates and times and your coach will get your measurements and your new score for the baseline workout.
Baseline Retest dates and times:
Thursday, March 16th-  5:30am, 4pm, 5:15pm, 6:30pm
Friday March 17th- 4pm, 5:15pm
Saturday March 18th- 10am

We will have a party at Pie in the Sky at 7pm Saturday, March 18th, to commemorate the end of the Whole Life Challenge.  Everyone should come, even if you did not participate in the challenge.

2017 CrossFit Open Party
Tuesday, March 28th @ 7:30pm
Join us at Old Black Bear Brewing Company to celebrate the 2017 CrossFit Open and all the hard work you guys put in to competing and doing your absolute best.  This is a kid friendly restaurant and, from what I have read, the food is amazing.  Friends and family are always welcome!

Upcoming Training

March is going to be a fun month!

The CrossFit Open continues through the month of March. The last workout, 17.5, is announced on March 24th and closes on March 27th. I’ve already been completely floored by the hard work I saw on 17.1. So many of you pushed your limits and refused to accept less than your best, whether that was the top score on the CrossFit Impulse leaderboard, or whether that was a handful of scaled reps. I’m proud of each of you and the effort you put forth.

Next Monday, March 6th, we begin our strict pullup program. This is a 6-week program that you’ll see on Monday,Wednesday, and Friday all the way into April. Each session only takes about 5 minutes of your class, so you’ll generally be starting your class with pullups. If you don’t have a strict pullup, this program uses pullup negatives to get you there. When it comes to negatives, you get out what you put in. So fight like hell, make it hurt, and by the end of the 6 weeks you may be doing strict pullups!

Our benchmark workouts for March will be DT and Barbara. DT is a favorite of many athletes. Barbara is a favorite of many batshit-crazy athletes. But Barbara has programmed rest intervals, so that should make it easier, right?

As I completed 17.1 this week, I was reminded of a nugget of knowledge that I’ve gleaned from my 9.83 years of CrossFit: During the sets of 40 and 50 I had to break the dumbbell snatches into sets of 10. After I would put the dumbbell down to take a few seconds of rest I would prompt myself to pick up the dumbbell and begin again. But my mind would reply, “You’re not ready yet. You haven’t rested enough. You’re still tired and hurting.” And this is the nugget: No amount of rest is going to make you feel “OK.” You can rest for 5 seconds or you can rest for 25 seconds and you are still going to feel the same no matter what: terrible. So I often tell myself, “No, you don’t feel OK. And you’re never *going to feel* OK until the workout is over. So how about we do a few more reps and move closer to that goal?”

So perhaps that will help one of you the way it’s helped me. If not, just file it away with the other ridiculous things I’ve claimed like, “Goats are magnificent animals.” -Jeff

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