Training May 28th – June 3rd


Sunday Fun Day

3 pm Surprise WOD


Memorial day class at 9 am


This will be the only class on Monday, Memorial Day. I’ll be coaching along with guest coach Kevin Dishner. This is one of my favorite workouts of the year to coach, so don’t miss it. As always, we will have scales for all ability levels. That morning you should eat a big meal no later than 7:45am, hydrate, and come prepared for about an hour of hard exercise–with a few surprises. If you want to get a great “time” on Murph–this is not the workout for you. If you want to complete a tough workout with friends and remember the experience for a lifetime, this is your jam. We’ve got 6 or 7 weight vests. First come, first served. If you want to be assured of getting a vest, either arrive early or you might want to bring your own. And if you start Murph with a vest, you will not remove the vest until your workout is done.

If you have plans to bring a visitor, you must talk to me ahead of time. Murph is a workout that is iconic to CrossFit and gets everyone excited. I love that many of you use this as an opportunity to share CrossFit with your friends. We love adding new athletes to our CFI family! But this is not the day for your friend who has been sedentary for 10 years to try CrossFit. Even if they do train in some capacity, if I don’t know anything about their training history, I’m going to have them greatly scale the workout. I have to err on the side of safety. So I love your enthusiasm, and I want to introduce your friend to CrossFit, but starting with the workout Murph within a class of 30 people is not the right way to do it. So if you want to bring a friend, contact me and let’s talk about a plan for them so everybody has a great time and everyone is safe.

For all my regular CFI athletes– I know your training history well. You will receive no mercy.

Feel free to hit me up if you have any questions. I’m looking forward to another great Memorial Day Murph!


50-Minutes of ROMWOD

If you did Murph yesterday, do not stretch with any intensity. Simply put your body in the positions ROMWOD calls for, but do not try to actually stretch your muscles. If you did not do Murph yesterday, then go hard in the paint.


Strongman Week 2



Push Press


*Women’s Implements:

Deadlift- Fat Bar

Push Press- Keg

*Men’s Implements:

Deadlift- Trap Bar

Push Press- Metal Log


Every 75 Seconds for 10 Rounds

10 Ring Rows, Feet Elevated, Wearing Weighted Vest



Partner WOD

P1: Hold 2 Kettlebells racked beneath your chin, knuckles touching @ 53/35 lb

P2: Row 250m

Alternate until both partners have rowed 3 times. Every time you put down the kettlebells, you and your partner perform an additional round.

Cutoff: 12 min


Find a 1RM Snatch




Double- Unders


*Cutoff: 20 min


“Karen Kalsu”

150 Wall Ball Shots @ 20/14#

Every minute, starting at 0:00, perform 5 Burpees

Cutoff: 25 min

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