Training July 29th – August 4th


2:30 pm ROM WOD

3 pm Coach’s Choice WOD


Pullup Cycle: Week 2 Day 1


“Swing & Snatch”

-In 7 minutes

Run 800m

Max Reps Kettlebell Snatches @ 53/35# in remaining time

-In 7 minutes

Run 400m

Find a 1RM Power Snatch (barbell) in remaining time

-In 7 minutes

Run 800m

Max Reps Kettlebell Swings @ 53/35# in remaining time

*Score is reps of Kettlebell Snatches + Heaviest Power Snatch in pounds + reps of Kettlebell Swings



E1.5MOM for 5 Rounds

5 Back Squats

*Everybody starts with the empty bar


E3MOM for 5 Rounds

5 Back Squats*

*Work up to a 5RM



AMRAP 1 minute

Back Squats @ bodyweight

Scored by total reps.


Pullup Cycle: Week 2 Day 2



For Time:

50 Pull-ups

400 Meter Run

21 Thrusters (95/65)

800 Meter Run

21 Thrusters (95/65)

400 Meter Run

50 Pull-ups


Thursday Skill Day

“Viking Clean 2.0”

Partner WOD


In teams of 2: Clean for max load while completing the required rowing.

Rules:  One athlete rows while partner performs Clean. Partners must switch every 2 minutes. While one partner is rowing, other partner will work up to a heavy Clean and record his one heaviest successful Clean during the 2-minute interval. Then when that athlete gets on the rower, he/she must complete 400/350m within the 2-minute interval. If the athlete fails to complete the required meters, then his previous Clean does not count toward the team total.

Score is total of heaviest Cleans from each athlete during each qualifying interval. Don’t count Cleans if athlete did not complete the required row.

*All weight changes are done on the clock. Each team starts with an empty barbell and a rower–no weights on the floor to start.


Pullup Cycle: Week 2 Day 3


“Barbell Lynne”

5 Rounds

Max Reps Bench Press @ 100% / 80% Bodyweight

Max Reps Hang Power Snatches @ 80% / 60% Bodyweight

*You will complete this workout in pairs or triples with two barbells assigned per rack. Set up both bars for one athlete and move him through the round directly from Bench Press to Hang Power Snatch. Then adjust the weights for the next athlete and run him through the round. Repeat until all 5 rounds are complete. Rest as needed between rounds, but always move directly and quickly between the Bench Press and Hang Power Snatch during your round.


Find a 1RM Power Clean + Push Jerk


“Jump Street”

3 Rounds:

400m Run

15 Power Clean + Push Jerk @ 115/75#

75 Double Unders

*Time Cap: 20 min total, and no more than 3 min spent on Double Unders each round.

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