Training August 5th-11th


2:30 pm ROM WOD

3 pm Coach’s Choice WOD


Pullup Cycle: Week 3 Day 1


“The Revenant”

4 Rounds

Run 400m with a Medicine Ball @ 20/14#

25 Bear Hug Front Squats with that Medicine Ball

*Time Cap: 25 min



4 Rounds:

Run 200 meters

11 Thrusters @ 135/95#

Run 200 meters

11 Push Press @ 135/95#

Run 200 meters

11 Bench Press @ 135/95#

*Time Cap: 35 min

*Men will have 4 racks available for Bench Press. Women will have 4 racks available for Bench Press. When you arrive at Bench Press you must put your bar on the rack when you begin and remove it from the rack when you are done. Work together to help each other load and spot. Communication and thinking will be required. This is a Hero WOD. Focus on helping your classmates achieve the required work within the time cap, and not necessarily shaving 10 seconds off your personal score at all costs.


Pullup Cycle: Week 3 Day 2



E1.5MOM for 5 Rounds

5 Overhead Squats

*Everybody starts with the empty bar


E3MOM for 5 Rounds

5 Overhead Squats*

*Work up to a 5RM



AMRAP 1 minute

Overhead Squats @ 75% bodyweight

Scored by total reps.


“Flight Simulator”

For time:


Unbroken Double Unders

Time cap: 15 min

*You may rest as needed between each set, but must complete each set unbroken in order to count it and progress to the next set.

As always, scaled versions will be available for all ability levels. If you don’t have Double Unders at all, or you are not great at them, then this is a workout you should attend. It will be a prime chance to improve.


Pullup Cycle: Week 3 Day 3


“From Russia with Love”

Partner WOD


Partner 1: Row for max Calories in one minute

Partner 2: 8 Wall Ball Shots + as many Kettlebell Snatches as possible in remaining part of minute

Partners swap roles every minute.

Wall Ball Shots @ 20/14# to 10/9’ target

Kettlebell Snatches @ 53/35#

Team score is total calories + total Kettlebell Snatches.



Teams of 3:


100/70 Calorie Row

Max Power Clean and Push Jerks @ 135/95#

Rest 3 Minutes


80/60 Calorie Row

Max Power Snatches @ 115/80#

Rest 3 Minutes


60/40 Calorie Row

Max Thrusters @ 95/65#

*Only one person works at a time. Swap teammates whenever you want. Scored by total reps of all barbell movements. One barbell per team. Weight changes done on the clock or during rest intervals.

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