Training September 23rd- 29th


2:30 pm ROM WOD

3:00 pm Coach’s Choice WOD


Back Squat Cycle Week 6 of 7

Warmup Sets

E1.5MOM for 5 Rounds

2 Back Squats

*Everyone’s first set is with the empty bar. Add load gradually until it starts to get heavy.

Working Sets

E3MOM for 6 Rounds

2 Back Squats

*Continue building to find your 2RM. Once you find your 2RM, reduce the weight by 15%, and continue doing 2 reps every round until all rounds are complete.


E3MOM for 3 Rounds

5 Good Mornings @ +5-10# from last week


E2MOM for 10 Rounds

3 Toes to Bar

2 Bench Press

1 Box Jump

*Everybody starts with the empty bar and an easy box height. Add weight to the bar and height to the box each round. Scored by heaviest Bench Press and highest Box Jump achieved.



In 15 minutes

1 mile Run

30 Toes to Bar

20 Burpee Box Jumps @ 24/20”

Max Reps Floor Press @ 135/85# in remaining time.

*Scored by total reps of Floor Press.


Skill work on Muscle Ups




Muscle Ups


Deadlifts @ 225 / 155#.

*Time Cap: 20 min


Find a 1RM Clean


“Barbell 18.2”

In 15 minutes:


Back Squats @ 115/75#

Bar Facing Burpees

In remaining time, find a 1RM Clean.

*Scored by time to complete the couplet and heaviest Clean achieved, if any, at the end of couplet



5 Rounds:

100m Run

10 Clusters* @ 115/75#

15 Kettlebell Swings @ 70/53#

100m Run

Rest 2 minutes**

Time Cap: 30 min

*A Cluster is a Clean from the ground that turns seamlessly into a Thruster.

**The 2 minute rest between rounds is mandatory–not optional.


Find a 1RM Snatch




Run 400m

One Max Set of Unbroken Pullups

*Scored by total Pullups

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