Training September 16th – 22nd


2:30 pm ROM WOD

3 pm Coach’s Choice WOD


Back Squat Cycle Week 5 of 7

Warmup Sets

E1.5MOM for 5 Rounds

3 Back Squats

*Everyone’s first set is with the empty bar. Add load gradually until it starts to get heavy.

Working Sets

E3MOM for 6 Rounds

3 Back Squats

*Continue building to find your 3RM. Once you find your 3RM, reduce the weight by 15%, and continue doing 3 reps every round until all rounds are complete.


E3MOM for 3 Rounds

5 Good Mornings @ +5-10# from last week


Find a 1RM Power Clean + Push Jerk



30 Power Clean + Push Jerks @ 135/95#

*Time Cap: 10 min


Skill Work and Instruction on Bar Muscle Ups



Even minutes: 1-4 Bar Muscle Ups

Odd Minutes: 20’ Knee Jump + Broad Jump


Partner “Monti”

5 Rounds

50 Front Rack Step-ups @ 45/35#

15 Power Cleans @ 135/95#

50 Front Rack Step-ups @ 45/35#

10 Power Snatches @ 135/95

*Time Cap 45 min

-Partner 1 does the entire first set of 50 Step-Ups each round.

-Partner 2 does the entire second set of 50 Step-Ups each round.

-Break up the Power Cleans and Power Snatches however you like.


“Lucky 7s”

Version D

-In 7 minutes-

Run 800m

Max Reps Handstand Pushups

*Each HSPU earns 5 points.

-In 7 minutes-

Run 400m

Find a 1RM Deadlift

*Each pound earns 0.5 points.

-In 7 minutes-

Run 800m

Max Reps Lateral Burpees over the Bar

*Each Burpee earns 2 points.

*Score is total points from all three parts.


Max Effort 500m Row

*Leaderboard will be reset and up for grabs!


“Nasty Girls”

3 Round for Time:

50 Air Squats

7  Muscle Ups

10 Hang Power Cleans @ 135/95#

*Time Cap: 18 min