Big NASTI 2020 Champions

We are so proud to present to you the 2020 Big NASTI Champions!

CrossFit Protocol hosted the 5th annual North Alabama Supertotal Team Invitational, or The Big NASTI, on January 25, 2020.

This event combines Powerlifting and Olympic Weightlifting into one big team ladder event. Each gym/box provides one team of 10 athletes composed of five men and five women.

Each athlete only participates in one of the five lifts.  A Female and male do the snatch, a different female and male do the clean & jerk, another female and male do the bench press, another female and male squat, and a final female and male deadlift.

The lifts are set up in a EMOM format with each lifter having one minute to complete their lift at the designated weight.

Our team trained hard for this event and fought for every pound in order to bring home the gold!