Couch to CrossFit 2020

Working out is miserable…when you try to do it alone without a plan. It makes us feel lost and self-conscious and anxious. We feel completely unprepared and dread every minute. This makes most of our efforts to get healthy doomed from the start. We can help you overcome that. We want to show you a program that will get you going from ground zero–with no exercise background whatsoever–no matter how much weight you have to lose or what you can do or can’t do. It will be the best hour of your day. And wow does it work. We call it “Couch to CrossFit.”

In Couch to CrossFit three of our coaches are going to work with you personally to build healthy fitness habits at a pace that’s right for you. Let’s be clear: you’re going to do hard work. Because that’s the only thing that works. If someone tells you otherwise, they’re lying. But that hard work is going to happen at the right pace for you, with new friends who are going through the exact same thing as you, to achieve the same goals as you. You will learn CrossFit movements, proper technique, nutrition, and mobility to keep your body healthy and happy. Classes will meet in small groups on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays starting January 21st and ending February 8th. That’s nine sessions. Those nine sessions will change your life–and show you how to keep the progress coming for weeks and years to come. The cost is $250. And you will walk away knowing it was worth every penny.

We also invite you to join our Whole Life Challenge Team! For an extra $50 you will be registered for the Whole Life Challenge, which starts January 18th. Whole Life Challenge is a lifestyle challenge that we at CrossFit Impulse do every January. It really helps to kick start your healthy eating and fitness habits for the new year in a fun way by making it a game and a friendly competition. Sign-up here to join the team! While doing the Whole Life Challenge will reinforce your healthy new habits and CrossFit lifestyle, it is not a requirement for doing the Couch to CrossFit course.

We don’t care how out of shape you are. We don’t care how much weight you have to lose. This is for you and you can do this. If you’re saying “I can’t do CrossFit” then you are judging CrossFit based on what you’ve heard or what you’ve seen on TV–not the way we teach it at CrossFit Impulse. Give it a try. Give yourself a chance. Registration closes January 18th 2020. Click the link below right now and invest in yourself and your future. We want to be part of your journey.

Click Here to sign up for Couch to CrossFit 2020 

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