7 thoughts on “Tuesday November 17

  1. Rest Day for myself — hope fundamentals session 3 went well tonight. Sorry I had to miss it.

  2. we missied you Christina. Great session guys. Good job Tristan on posting the first Fran.

  3. Thanks Josh. And yea you were missed Christina. Guys I suggest after Fran you take a nice hot shower.

  4. Congratulations to Joe, Melissa, Josh, Tristan, Brandon, and Mike for completing the Fundamentals classes. You all were excellent to work with and I look forward to training with you in the daily WODs. Hats off to Tristan for his awesome “Fran” tonight. Tristan was the first to complete a WOD at CrossFit Impulse.

    Clark and Angie had another good session in the Fundamentals. They will be completing session 3 tomorrow.

    Great work everyone!

    You all have worked so hard, I needed a rest day!

  5. Ditto congrats to Mike, Melissa, Joe, Tristan, Josh, and Brandon for completing Fundamentals. Great job on Fran tonight by Tristan, and thanks to everyone who stayed to cheer him on. I’m really looking forward to training with everyone.

  6. Yes, Thank you to everyone staying behind and cheering me on. I will do my best to be there for all you guys WOD’s to return the favor. I promise you it is a huge help to have people cheering you on. It will keep you from quitting.

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