18 thoughts on “Wednesday 18 November

  1. I’m resting today too, Mike. I may perform Elizabeth later in the week, though. It’s a very challenging workout.

  2. Got my Elizabeth in 6:36s.
    Got home; ready for some dinner and what is it? PIZZA
    God Help Me

  3. Way to go guys on the Wod. Glad to here you guys knocked it out. Im proud of you guys. sorry I couldn’t make it but Navy needs people so they kept me working till 8. Ill be there for the Friday WOD. I have Thursday PT with all my DEPpers. They are gonna need some luck though. 200 burpiees are in their future., and mine.

  4. Stay strong Josh 🙂

    Melissa – I like the “SS” I will have to start using that on some of my WODs from now on 🙂

    Mike and Tristan you guys were missed — although rest and work are both need unfortunately.

    Overall, great job today to both 5:30 and 6:45 sessions.
    Rest day number two for me — getting ready for my cert. this weekend so trying to let my body fully recover before I thrash this weekend 🙂 cannot wait!

  5. Good Luck Christina on your cert this weekend. Have fun and I am sure Monday and Tuesday will be off days for you again as well. Let us all know how it goes.

  6. Hey Jeff or David. Is there a way to get a log in on this page so I dont have to type my name and e-mail for every comment I post?

  7. Tristan, yes anyone can register and stay logged in. You made me realize that the login option isn’t easily accessible. I added a link to “Login” on the top right of the home page.

    You can create a local login or login through facebook connect. In essence, if you are already logged into facebook and you come here, it can import your avatar and share your post on your wall (if you want it to).

  8. No problem, I think that it takes a few hours to pick up because it may ping the gravatar site on a timed basis. (chron)

  9. Thanks guys!!! I am packing right now and getting everything ready for the trip. I’ll post again soon 🙂

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