11 thoughts on “Monday 23 November

  1. Rest day for me! I made it back late last night and I am happy to be home! Overall, I had a great experience at the level one cert. I don’t know if anyone noticed but I was able to sit next to Tanya Wagner, the crossfit women’s winner at the 2009 crossfit games, in the group pick 🙂 I learned a tremendous amount of information and was able to work on a lot of my weakness with some of the best trainers out there! Looking forward to getting my shoulder better so I can attempt FRAN again! Thanks again for all the support and I will see you all on Tuesday — unless of course that is your rest day 🙂

  2. That’s quite a fitness sandwich you have going there with Mike G., you, Tanya Wagner, and Jenni Orr. Could probably equal the power output of a small hydroelectric dam.

  3. Booyah. I am coming tonight for my first Crossfit workout in a while, and we have to run. Excited about sucking wind for some reason.

  4. I appreciate David training tonight so I could jump in the WOD. Was great to chase Jakub and Michael and see everyone working so hard. Everyone there tonight definitely earned their Thanksgiving carb-fest later this week.

    17:53 as Rx’d

  5. 28:10 (subbed 95lbs for hanging cleans). It was tough, but I am glad to be working out again, especially at a crossfit gym and not at UFC. The music alone was worth the change! Good work everybody.

  6. 29:00 (~) (scaled back on the weight, don’t remember the exact number). Going to sleep well tonight.

  7. Jeff, no problem. I enjoyed training the class. Everyone worked hard! It looks like we are going to have some friendly competition between a few people.

    No one showed for the late class last night so I decided to go home early and take a rest day.

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