8 thoughts on “Monday 30 November

  1. 165-175-185-195(PR)-200(PR)

    I enjoyed getting to workout with the class today. Thanks Jeff and Christina for coaching. I observed some good work on the front squat from several people.

    Side note: I have been practicing my double-unders during warm-ups and I link 59(PR) today just playing around. I am coming after you, Jeff and John.

  2. 95-115-135-155-160

    Tried to push 165×3 but I only got 165×2 and lost the load.

    Way to go Melissa on pushing yourself with that last load. And way to go everyone in the class for the awesome output on the front squats. We got a lot of names on the boards.

  3. Saw some mean front squat attempts from everyone, and plenty of you pushed to failure. Kudos to Michael and Melissa for taking the #1 spots on the PR board! Also saw some excellent skill work going on after the WOD. That’s the right attitude to have. However, tonight’s “brass pair award” has to go to Mike for walking in with 0 pullups and leaving with 3 unbroken kipping pullups. Incredible!

    My WOD:
    Front Squat

    Then 235×1, 245×1 (PR)

    215 lb was my old PR, so I was pretty happy to hit 245 lb.

  4. Nice PR Jeff! Wow, 30lb increase is huge.

    Also, Mike S., that’s fantastic. 3 unbroken kipping pu with no pu under your belt? I think that took me about a month 🙂

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