4 thoughts on “Tuesday 1 December

  1. Worked on push-ups, pull-ups (grip), and double unders

    4 rounds hanging from pull-up bar, 10 pushups,
    and 10 sit-ups.

    Spent a little time just doing singles while jumping
    as high as possible. The coordination for the timing is what I’m working
    on still for the double unders.

    Found that my pullups are limited as much by grip as by strength which I
    hadn’t thought of before.

  2. Low key but productive night at CFI working on weaknesses. I was glad to see everyone work on something they struggle with. The double-unders take practice. The pull-ups will come with some time and strength building. Everyone keep up the hard work!

    I did a 500m row for fun. Time: 1:43. I have to work on this weakness!

  3. Did not know how my shoulder would feel on front squat so I did
    95-115(f)-115(f)- 110(PR)-110(f)

    Prior – I did the mini warm-up WOD
    250m row
    20 pushups
    20 situps
    20 squats
    with a partner each activity had to be completed by each person. 4:32 was our time! Great job Kristen!

  4. Competitive warm up was fun..Even though the girls beat our ass!

    1000 Meter Row 3:45


    Muscle up practice- 10 MU

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