8 thoughts on “Wednesday 2 December

  1. Strange WOD from CF main site today. Appears almost impossible as Rx’d.

    Still not able to go overhead without discomfort so I did “Annie” today to work on my double-unders some more.

    Time: 7:58 (PR)

  2. 18:10

    I did 35lb KBs for the one-arm thrusters.
    For pullups, I did regular kipping (and jumping pullups) to do 30-26-18 reps (each round).

    My arms are wasted. Good job everyone.

  3. Great effort from tonight’s classes. The main site WODs, as prescribed, sometimes require an elite athlete to even complete them. I think today’s WOD is over the top. Sure, we all have to scale sometimes, but I 99.8% of crossfitters have to scale this, and I’m definitely included in that overwhelming majority. Seems like no load on the 1-arms would have been a better prescription.

    I’m resting my shoulder again today. I’m close to having this thing 100%.

  4. Jeff worked our butts tonight. My eyeballs were sweating…..lol!
    18lb.thrusters for me…..whooooooo! I was not going lower I told Jeff at the start of the workout……and meant that and stuck to 18lbs.to the end of the workout.
    30 24 18 assisted pullups………….I felt like I was going to puke.
    Rest day tomorrow:)

  5. I had to drive on cruise control all the way home on that one my leg was shaking so badly.
    10lb thrusters
    Jumping pull ups 30-24-18
    I don’t remember the exact time, but I think is was over 23 or 24 minutes. Felt like forever!

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