3 thoughts on “Saturday 5 December

  1. Had a great time at CrossFit Huntsville with some great athletes and trainers. Kudos to them for raising over $1000 for the families of survivors. Katherine said that it turns out that CFHSV’s donations are a substantial portion of the amount raised for this cause nationwide. Thanks to everyone who donated. BTW, special thanks to Melissa and her family for supporting us today even though she couldn’t compete. It meant a lot. Also want to commend Christina and David for grunting through the Lunberjack 20 as a team. Was really proud of both of you.

    Lumberjack 20, as Rx’d, 23:06.

  2. I think Jeff summed it up pretty well. I really enjoyed the Lumberjack 20 event as well. It was for a great cause. I would also like to thank everyone who donated. Thanks to Melissa and her family for the support today. I would also like to congratulate Jeff for winning the Lumberjack 20! He worked really hard and represented CFI well. Jeff, I am proud of you for your accomplishment. I look forward to seeing you compete in Sections this year! Christina, I enjoyed having you as my teammate. I am proud of you. You pushed it really hard. Way to go!

    Lumberjack 20 (scaled as a team with Christina)

  3. I think Jeff and David have the same feelings I do about todays events — however, I have to say I was extremely proud of Jeff today for putting out a great time on a very difficult WOD! Jeff you constantly inspire me to push myself to be better! I am extremely honored to be your wife and to have you inspire me everyday! Congratulations today! Thank you to all of you who donated for such a great cause. We could not have done it without you all. Melissa it was great seeing you today with your family… it meant a lot to all of us for you to come out and show your support! FYI — you have an adorable son… who will no doubt be a fire breather when he grows up 🙂 Could not have asked for a better teammate today. David thanks for all your support and way to kick ass today! Overall, had a great time and I look forward to doing it again 🙂

    Lumberjack 20 (scaled as a team with David)

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