7 thoughts on “Sunday 6 December

  1. The burpees were some of the ugliest I’ve ever done. Too bad there were so many witnesses. Better next time!

    12:24 (s)

  2. 18:16 (at least I think that is what Christina said as I was passing out…)

    Fran with burpees was much harder than I thought it would be. That is about as hard as I have ever worked out… Thanks to everyone for encouraging me at the end. It really helped me push through. Good work everyone.

    I did 95lbs for the first round thrusters, 65 for rounds 2 and 3.

  3. 11:37 (s)
    61 lbs. thrusters
    jumping pullups

    That one sucked. Thanks for David thinking about that in his own head. I think days that David comes up with a workout I am gonna call rest days.J/K

    Good job to everyone tonight for pushing through that amount of hell.

  4. Rest day for me.

    Awesome class this afternoon! There was a lot of intensity and hard work in the air. Tristan, that one can’t be too bad!?!? Easy day…right? Andy, way to work hard at the end. I was glad to see you empty the tank.

    Congratulations to Shellie, Patrick, Lisa, Scott and Jimmy for completing their Fundamentals classes today. 3, 2, 1, Go! Kudos to Patrick and Lisa for staying and participating in the WOD. Great job!

  5. I enjoyed watching Patrick push himself until he thought his name was Batman. Good WOD. Resting today from the Lumberjack 20. Anxious to get some split jerk tomorrow.

  6. I enjoyed trying not to hurl in the sink. Since it was my first WOD, the fact that I survived I suppose is good.

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