4 thoughts on “Wednesday 9 December

  1. Time: 24:54

    This is not my best 5k time. I think the weather and the slight hill on our course got me a little. Not to mention, I don’t really care for running. I do it because I know I need to.

  2. Time: 26:56

    Not close to a PR for me. Uphill and weather played a big roll but I am happy with it considering the circumstances. Melissa was right on my tail getting ready to overtake but……. Well I will let her explain it all to you guys.

  3. Time: 34:24

    Note that my time was really for a 5K+ since I somehow managed to get lost in the cul de sac and was wandering in circles. Luckily, the Navy initiated a search and rescue and escorted me back to safety. Thanks Tristan!

  4. Well that’s what we do in the service. I serve so others don’t have to. It is no problem to conduct SAR operations. I am just glad it didn’t have to do with swimming.

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