6 thoughts on “Sunday 13 December

  1. Everyone did really well today! Turkish Get-ups were great all around! Melissa great job today as well — I could tell you were really working on your shoulder…just stick with it! Have a safe trip and we look forward to your return 🙂 Josh thanks for coming and showing support today — nice to hangout with you.

    150 situps anchored feet
    150 hip extensions

    Time: 13:23
    situps – 5:28
    :27 transition time
    hip extensions – 7:28

  2. My first experience with TGU’s, and I really liked them. Tough, but I could tell they were working my shoulders in new ways.

    I was 4 get ups short of a full 2 rounds.

  3. Well had to take a rest day. Busted my knee last night and shoulders are shot after two days of PR’s on dead lift and ring work. Out of town for the next three days but might find a way to work in tomorrow nights WOD and then take two rest days. We will see how I feel. Glad everyone worked hard tonight and hope everyone keeps it up this week. See you guys soon.

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