7 thoughts on “Monday 14 December

  1. 13:05 as Rx’d. Lot’s of hard work going on tonight. I think Angela saw 8 lb 6 oz baby Jesus in the water fountain. I hear David pulled an awesome time. I think he may be part jackrabbiit and predisposed to jumping. Clark’s back squats were some of the best squats I’ve seen from him. Almost full depth and no knee initiation. They actually improved as he fatigued. Nice job everyone.

    Skill work post-WOD: 200 double unders, 50 GHD situps, 20 slow, controlled back extensions

  2. 11:37 as Rx’d.

    I was impressed with everyone’s effort on this workout. You guys worked hard. I agree with Jeff. There are many of you that are showing improvements in range of motion, strength and stamina. It is motivating for me to see everyone fighting through the workouts and improving. Jeff, thanks for the kudos. I did have a time to chase when I started.

  3. I would have never made it if it was not for Christina!!! She was amazing at motivating me and talking me through the roughest patch in round 3. I really appreciated it.

  4. It’s amazing how perceptions can differ. I was watching Christina and Angela and thought to myself several times that Angela might stop the WOD in order to murder Christina.

  5. haha — Well either way Jeff I would have gotten her to work a little harder 🙂 Great job Angela! You really pushed through after round two… I know that feeling when you feel like you cannot finish the WOD, but through experience and as you saw last night it can be done. Great job to everyone!

  6. Thank you Jeff, that will most definitely be the best laugh I will have all day! Although I can assure you I have no doubt Christina could have easily overpowered me. She was very safe!

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