5 thoughts on “Tuesday 15 December

  1. Awsome workout. Great effort from everybody. Thanks Jeff for helping me with my tire.

  2. No problem. BTW, if it was a screw, nail, or something similar that punctured your tire then it can be easily patched. Check out the flat tire and see if that’s the case. If so, you can buy the patch kit from AutoZone or Advance for $5. If it is indeed a puncture and you buy the kit, you can come by a little early and I’ll show you how to patch it. Doesn’t take very long at all (~10 min)

  3. Was really pleased with everyone’s progress on back squat. It’s amazing how a load can improve problems with depth. The athletes on bench press were working hard as well.

    I’m still resting and doing lower body WODs every 2-3 days to heal my shoulder injury.

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