4 thoughts on “Thursday 17 December

  1. 135-145-155-165(f)-165(hr{half rep})(f)-160(f)-160

    Good workout to everyone. That one takes a leap of faith once you get to the higher weight. Good to see everyone again.

  2. Without exception, every athlete in both classes stuck around after the WOD for some skill work. It’s great to see that kind of attitude. Enjoyed seeing Greg and Charlie hit big PRs, and Wendy made huge progress on the clean progression.

  3. Forgot to post my own WOD for this day:

    3 Rounds for time of
    -800m run
    -50 back extensions
    -50 situps

    21:41 (PR)

    Lost ~20 seconds after the run on round 2 due to an emergency bowel movement.

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