6 thoughts on “Sunday 20 December

  1. 5x 400m sprints with 3 minustes rest inbetween each:

    There’s a point about 250m into the sprint where my body tells me that not only must I slow down, but that I need to completely stop. Pushing through that is difficult, but I suppose my ability to push through it is part of what we develop in CrossFit.

  2. Glad we finally got people climbing the ropes today. As you can tell, it’s difficult, but nothing to be scared of. Congrats to Justin for finishing as prescribed. Was also motivating to see Chris climb through round two before going to towel pullups.

  3. 19:49 as rx’d
    The rope climb/ring dips combination was rough, especially in the last 2 rounds.

  4. Substituted

    3x for time

    25 (85lb) BS – dropped to 65 lb for final round
    walking lunges down and back length of rubber mat
    30 GHD hip ext.


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