3 thoughts on “Sunday 3 January

  1. Great class today. Wendy got on the 18″ box. Scott was hang power cleaning 115 like it’s cool. Charlie pushed through to a great overall time. Lots of progress compared to a month ago.

  2. Warm-up:
    3 rounds
    5 Turkish Getups (26-lbs each arm)
    50 Double-unders

    1/2 “Cindy”
    10 min AMRAP
    5 pullups
    10 pushups
    15 squats
    Completed 11 rounds

    Pullups were dead hang for the most part. When I got fatigued, I kipped on a few.

    Then rowed 500m (1:45)

  3. Worked on deadlift today. Modified my stance and grip ala Starting Strength. Didn’t work up to a PR, although none of the mods felt as advantageous as the changes I implemented to back squat.


    Looking forward to getting back into the swing of things tomorrow.

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