6 thoughts on “Friday 8 January

  1. 135-145-155(f)-150-155(f)-150-155(f)

    I hate this lift. My form needs a lot of work but now I have something to work on again other than a muscle up. Good work to everyone. Hope to see you all soon.

  2. 155-165-175-185(f)-180(f)-180(f)-180(PR)

    This was my first time to max in power clean sense probably high school. I don’t remember what it was then but I am certain it wasn’t 180. I need work on this lift as well.

  3. 155-175-195-205-210(f)-210(f)-210(f)

    205 is my PR from a few months ago. Frustrated that I didn’t move up.

  4. A little sick today took another rest day as well. Great job to everyone today.

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